Folds and seals the shipping-ready carton.


The Storopack AUTO.CLOSE module speeds up your packaging process. The machine closes the top of the packed carton and reliably seals it using water-activated tape, self-adhesive tape, or hot-melt adhesive. Optionally, the sides and base can also be sealed. As a result, parcels of different sizes can be processed in any random order, without the need for manual intervention. AUTO.CLOSE also lets you choose between different sealing types: U-shaped for standard parcels (with optional pull strip), C-shaped for extremely flat cartons, or T-shaped for the optimum sealing of heavy cases. It should also be pointed out that water-activated tape is theft- and tamper-proof and that the recipient can dispose of it, together with the box itself, as waste paper.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient – rapid sealing
  • Reliable – box flaps firmly affixed using water-activated/self-adhesive tape
  • All-around protection – seals the base and/or top of the carton
  • Flexible – simultaneous processing of different carton formats, from ultra small to ultra large
  • Customized – in terms of the choice of seal and its positioning (U-, C-, or T-shaped sealing, with optional pull strips)

Your contact person

Peter Blakeley

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Kwai Chung, N.T.
T +85291704091