The convenient way to close boxes.


Convenient and ergonomic closing comes courtesy of our COMFORT.CLOSE module. Thanks to mechanical assistance, this stage of the packaging process is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Following manual folding of the top flaps, the machine seals the parcel using water-activated/self-adhesive tape and is easily operated by a control device, e.g., a foot switch. A practical feature is that the carton size is automatically detected. The result is precisely sealed shipping cartons with the flaps affixed securely in place. It should also be pointed out that water-activated tape is theft- and tamper-proof and that the recipient can dispose of it, together with the box itself, as waste paper.

Your Benefits

  • Low-effort mechanical sealing, easily operated via a control device
  • Time-saving – rapid processing of each box
  • Reliable – box flaps firmly affixed using water-activated tape
  • Versatile – automatically adapts to a wide range of sizes
  • Precise – consistent and reliable sealing of shipping cartons

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