Ein Karton mit Weinflaschen, die in weiße Papierpolsterbögen eingewickelt sind


A natural wrapping for perfect protection.


PAPERbubble® offers Storopack customers an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional air bubble film. The protective packaging made of paper, a renewable raw material, in combination with air is 100% recyclable and reliably protects small to medium-sized goods during shipping, reducing the use of primary raw materials and fossil resources. PAPERbubble® is perfect for filling voids and wrapping and cushioning products from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, electronic components, and generally for safely shipping any goods sold online. An added benefit is that PAPERbubble®  gives products an elegant and unique appearance in the shipping carton, creating a positive and memorable unpacking experience for the end customer.


The ready-to-use, perforated paper sheets measuring 580 mm x 380 mm are available in a specially designed box and in user-friendly packaging units that offer maximum flexibility and allow the sheets to be removed easily and ergonomically directly at the packing station. This means that PAPERbubble® does not require a machine system, which not only makes it a user-friendly packaging solution, but also a particularly cost-effective one. 

PAPERbubble® fanfold

  • Interconnected perforated sheets allow precise adjustment of length and quantity.
  • Larger products can be packed with fewer touches.
  • End customers can easily unbox their goods and properly dispose of the sheets.
  • Individual sheets are perforated and can be detached and used to wrap smaller products.
  • The connection between sheets is ensured by small glue dots. The glue dots additionally function as perforations.
Ein brauner Papierpolsterbogen
Ein Karton mit Produkten und braunen Papierpolsterbögen
Ein Karton mit Bilderrahmen, die in braune Papierpolsterbögen eingeschlagen sind
Ein Karton mit Produkten und braunen Papierpolsterbögen
Ein Karton mit Produkten und weißen Papierpolsterbögen


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