Ein Karton mit einem Motor-Bauteil und braunen Papierpolstern


Ultra-high speed for the ideal protective packaging.


With the PAPERplus® Track paper cushion system, you’re well equipped to ensure high throughput and secure packaging material: the machine produces paper cushion in mere seconds directly at the packing station, delivering highly effective padding despite limited use of material. Thanks to the sturdy padding, the system is ideal for medium to large packages weighing between 5 and 50 kg – the perfect solution for shipping spare parts, electronic components, ceramics, and more. PAPERplus® Track is compact in size and, like all other Storopack padding systems, can also be integrated into existing distribution lines.

As a result, PAPERplus® Track guarantees optimal packing processes and reduces process costs. Especially user-friendly: perforated paper makes it possible to separate the paper cushion without a blade and with a single motion. Users also benefit from greater flexibility – the volume of paper cushion can be adjusted specifically for every product. Another advantage: the machine features a touchscreen and can be operated online using a smartphone or tablet.

Ein Karton mit einer Kaffeemaschine und braunen Papierpolstern
Ein Karton mit einer Schüssel und braunen Papierpolstern
Eine Packstation mit einer grauen Maschine, die braune Papierpolster produziert
Ein Karton mit einem Motor-Bauteil und braunen Papierpolstern
Ein brauner Papierpolsterstrang


Eine Frau sitzt am Computer


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